MV Head Under Cloud (Lyric Video) - boum


Lyric: Head Under Cloud (Lyric Video)

Ca sĩ: boum

I woke up this morning
Feeling kinda empty
Haven't felt this way
For a while
I noticed something's missing
the cloud above my head
Oh It's gone
Oh It's gone

I was going down
Oh, i was really going deep down
Had a lot of doubt, about myself
All these bad memories
They keep following me
For so long i can't remember when this cloud was made up
The cloud is grey
It's the mood I get all day
Sometimes it rain
It's the tear
whenever I feel insane
whenever I feel insane,insane
whenever I feel insane, insane

Somehow you fall into my life
I tried to deny
But I can't resist the light
That you bring into my night
You made me realize
What i've been missing all this time
And it's gonna be alright
Gonna be alright

Cause It's all changed now
The day I found
Oh, It's you
Oh, It's you
I'm feeling better now
There's no more cloud
Because of you
Thanks to you
Thanks to you
I thanks to you
Thanks to you
Thanks to you
I Thanks to you
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